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I hate to waste food see banana skin cake and if it is perfectly edible I'm willing to try and see what it tastes like. You then leave the pith and sugar for a few hours til it forms a syrup and then you boil it down with vanilla, cinnamon, lemon and cloves or whatever flavours you like. The key to a good slatko is to have the pieces with some texture so that it isn't mushy.

We had this on top of natural yogurt, on top of oatmeal, in place of other jams and even, in times of morning haste, with a cup of coffee. So tell me Dear Reader, can you sing and do you do karaoke? And do you like to make preserves or jams? Step 1 - Remove the green skin from the watermelon and the red part of the watermelon leaving only the white part.

Measure how much this makes and place this in a saucepan. Then measure half of that amount of sugar and add this to the pan it is basically 2 parts fruit to 1 part sugar. Without turning on the stove, leave this to stew for a few hours or overnight at room temperature - the watermelon and sugar will develop a liquidy syrup and mine took about hours to do so. Simmer for 2 hours covered and then for the last 15 minutes take the cover off to reduce the syrup.

It is done when the cubes are translucent. Turn upside down for a minute to create a seal and then place right side up. Watermelon Rind Jam I'm totally serious here. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. That's because I cannot sing. Firstly, you have to take her to a restaurant she wants to go to, but you have to know what it is and choose it yourself! Secondly, you have to take her to a movie she wants to see, but have to already know what it is without asking! He warns us to be careful about who we talk to online.

Ahhhh, Google, thank you for giving me my first real laugh of the night! If that scenario seems in any way familiar, you have a taste of the first few moments of my experience seeing Queen in concert Saturday night. Frontman Adam Lambert strutted onstage, clad in leather from head to toe, rocking a pair of oversized shades. Sexy Adam went onto the catwalk, then, and led us in a game of vocal run follow-the-leader.

Watermelon Rind Jam

During the lull in between songs, Brian May stepped forward to thunderous applause, and spoke for the first time that evening. I believe that when good-hearted people sing together, magic happens. For his part, May was visibly emotional, wiping away tears for his fallen friend and band mate. As long as he keeps it as large and coiffed as it was in their heyday, the band will thrive, no matter how old and grey they are! The guitar solo that never ended. It was a solid ten minutes long, with over half the thing played above the twelfth fret.

After a few more songs, Queen decided to go out with a bang and gave us what were arguably their best songs as the set closer and encore. Classic rock concerts can be something of a risk for a fan to take, particularly if a member of the band in question has passed away. I found myself wondering if Queen would be one of those groups that just hung onto their name long after they should have hung it up.

After this show, I can say with absolute certainty that they could and hopefully do keep touring for at least another year, maybe two. The seasoned musicianship of Brian May and Roger Taylor combined with the youthfulness and flat-out sex appeal of Adam Lambert is a recipe for success.

So at the end of the day, the bottom line is this: Trombley Photos Provided By: I mean, both men still maintain a loyal cult following here so why the hell not, am I right! Clasping his hands to the mic stand in an appreciative manner to the baying fans, he takes a step back and humbly bows to them. It's then that Numan undertakes an industrial-cloaked musical journey; and all without saying one solitary word in-between songs!

Indeed, the show is one long, barely broken up dark soundscape that forgoes most all of his pioneering electro music ie: The consistently musically strong evening begins with the short intro 'Resurrection,' before heading into the first single off the new album the anthemic statement of 'I Am Dust. Dressed head to toe as you would expect in black, Numan doesn't seem to look any older than he once used to back some twenty years ago when I last saw him here in the States. The hair is as black, as softly-punked as always, his wrist wear the mixed leather norm, even his eye liner and lip snarl for certain growled notes hasn't seemingly diminished.

Indeed, perhaps the only thing that has changed here, but this could just be a live small club issue, is that his vocal tones aren't as strong, as overpowering as they once were. Moving on and we get both 'The Fall' and the primarily orchestral 'The Calling,' before we finally break the dense fog of a pseudo NIN show when Numan breaks down and gives the fans what they truly came here to listen to tonight: The first evidence of this was a brilliant rendition of 'Down In The Park,' a song that you had to be a true NuFan to appreciate live.

He then follows that with the vocal respite synth heavy 'Lost,' but is soon back to what he does best when a strained electronic intro finally gives way to the known opening sounds of his worldwide smash hit, 'Cars. The audience loved it, the cell phones went up to record it, the lyrics were sung along with.

After that it was back to "Gary Reznor" basics re: Occasionally he even takes to his own private keyboard, but he's obviously more of a guitar slinger these days.

However, the three song encore was most definitely the highlight for old school NuFan's, of course as he gave us a rousing 'I Die You Die' and then a piano-infused version of 'Are 'Friends' Electric? With a devilish glint in his eye, and even a wry smile on his face, Numan's self belief in his new body of work is deeply evident. Worn proudly on his sweat-drenched sleeve for all to see he then brings the show to a genuine close with the powerful new album track 'My Last Day.

And after a dramatic soliloquy about love, this was the Truth About Love tour, after all Pink finally made an appearance, literally exploding from the stage, taking flight on a giant bungee harness! And we had ourselves a show. She ended up walking away from that encounter with a feather boa.

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First, just how fit this woman was. Secondly, it seemed like the backup singers carried a lot of the weight, since there was a lot of acrobatics and other theatrics. After the number, however, she left us alone Our bizarro emcee gave a long spiel about leather and other highly-sexual subjects, making it painfully clear that this was not a show for young children.

Indeed, after being told all about our primal urges, I was so much more than ready for the show to go on. The latter got very little face time on the screen, which was kind of a shame, because she was quite good. It was here, more than any other point, that I came to realize what a remarkable vocal range Pink had. She bid us goodnight, and then left the stage. Before the house lights came on, a short video montage of rehearsal footage and adorable shots of Pink with her daughter, Willow. And then, it was over. But maybe it was just an oversight. But I did learn that Pink puts on one hell of a show.

Oh, and he is currently lead vocalist and bassist for Peter Hook and The Light. You think you know him from some other bands? Well, Hook was a co-founder of the seminal post-punk band Joy Division along with Bernard Sumner in the mids. And following the death of lead singer Ian Curtis, the band reformed as the modern rock band, New Order, and Hook played bass with them until his departure in Never one for being a true-blue lead vocalist, Hook only ever sang co-vocals on one Joy Division song and only two New Order songs.

So to come see him sing center stage tonight for three hours was an undertaking that I took with reverence, that's for sure. Taking the stage at 8. It's noticeable that Hook's right arm seems to have a life of its own when not strumming, as it continually wants to introduce progressive beat changes in an Elvis-like manner!

He doesn't chat with the audience, which is an ongoing thing throughout the entire three hours, the stage lights are either blood red, burning orange or musty yellow, and all the JD songs are, as you would expect, dour and foreboding. After a 10 minute break, they come back onstage. Still wearing his 'GEEK' tshirt, Hook mumbles, "You all look vaguely familiar," before they launch into the first New Order album of two to be played tonight at length, Movement.

What’s in Your Cabinets?

In truth, a set of electronic New Order songs is much like a set of JD songs, save for the fact that the tempo has risen. Hook stops one song in to quickly pay mention to it being a "bad day for everyone" and that as much as he didn't know what he could do about it he just wanted to play a song for us all to sing along to. As the band played their way through the gloomy, melodic sounds and raw beats that were instantly recognizable to each and everyone stood here tonight in this small club, it should be noted that Peter Hook and the Light is a band for people who were there the first time around.

This is not music for those new to the scene, trust me. Let me put it this way: And after three hours, and with his voice going and no crowd interaction to allow him to get his breath back, Hook begins to look and act like nothing more than a punk thug with a mic circa ' Resembling actor Ray Winstone, in more than one way, Hooky as he likes to be known is at his best when knee-deep in an emotional song. And that song tonight was the stirring rendition of 'Ceremony.

Ending that third set, they leave the stage and put on a recorded mix of 'Blue Monday,' before six minutes later coming back on stage to perform three songs - including the quite brilliant crowd-pleaser, 'Temptation. And my goodness, it was worth every incredible second spent standing there watching.

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He is most popularly known for his first commercial success, the studio album Devil Without a Cause, which sold 13 million albums worldwide. Indeed, he was Soundscan's number one selling male solo musician of the s, selling And so on this record-breaking night of hometown shows, and with Detroit area rockers Citizen Zero, and the legendary Texas trio ZZ Top both having done their collective opening act stints, it was 9.

Silhouetted right in the middle of the bill where Andrew Jackson's should be, slowly rapping a musical Prayer to God. And then with a burst of light, the dropping of the curtain, there he is in full, and very colorful glory! For 'Cowboy' Rock sits down at his piano for a third of the song, before it kicks up into the musical frenzy that it is known for. And together with his wonderful back-up singers, he swiftly moves on into yet another song highlight of the night, 'What I Learned On The Road. Now with his sweat-ridden long hair brushed back, his black hat now in place, he tells us we're now going a long way back.

A faux 'Tom Sawyer' vocal intro is song and is accompanied by a green laser light show as he then brings us 'Forever. A lovely song sung perfectly by both them and the crowd is then followed by '3 Sheets to the Wind,' before Rock asks the crowd, "Do you know what time it is? He actually doesn't utilize them like he usually does, because just two minutes into the song he breaks to show of his DJ skills on the turntables. Drinking bourbon, smoking a cigar both huge no-no's for a live stage performance, especially at THIS venue!

Explaining that the more you give people the more you get back, the fact that he'd sold out 8 shows in a row at Pine Knob showed that he was proved right.

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He thanked everyone, again for spending their hard earned money in coming to see them and then; with his Rock the Michigan mascot proudly standing in front of the state flag, he brought us 'Born Free' before the set was complete. Coming back out five minutes later to take a seat in an old wooden chair put center stage and fashioned to look like the Mitten State , Rock now in his change-of-tshirt with Bad Ass motto emblazoned and the Brown Trucker Band bring us the mid-tempo Flyin' High,' before the wonderful sing-along of 'All Summer Long.

Indeed, heavy metal masters Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and the incomparable Ozzy Osbourne dropped by to show us what they could do, make us play some air guitar, and, perhaps, offend a few of us in the process Insert 'devil horn' hand gesture here. I'd never been much of a Sabbath fan, but was immediately taken by the fact that nearly everyone else in the place seemed to be, the audience pretty much provided backing vocals on opening number 'War Pigs. And when Ozzy tell you to do something, you freaking do it. God bless you all. But the screens and what few lyrics I was able to decipher it is Ozzy, after all seemed relatively small potatoes when stacked against the music itself.

Both Iommi and Butler shredded their instruments, especially Geezer, who played so fast I could barely see his fingers move! He was instantly catapulted into my Top 5 Bassists list. Another one of the things that stuck with me over the course of the evenings were the sheer stupidity of some of the song titles: Nonetheless, it was all well-received by the raucous crowd. However, Ozzy and co. And that was comforting. And I had come there absolutely laden with pre-conceived notions. The first and biggest one is that they are musically fantastic. I also learned that any band can have an image, and that they will strive to uphold it for the sake of their fans.

And regardless of belief or unbelief, I dig Ozzy. He seems like a pretty mellow dude. Just my take, anyway. Would I go see Black Sabbath again? Whitesnake DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI - July 24th, Whitesnake, the typical hard working, hard singing English hard rock band, founded many moons ago and yet led still-to-this-day by the incomparable David Coverdale may have lapsed in their group cohesion of the last few years, but tonight they performed as if it were 30 years ago!

But then he wanders off to a guitar tech and then out walks guitarist Michael Devin. He just lingers behind the drum set, as does a passive David Coverdale. It's as if they aren't aware of the 3, people baying their collective group name just feet away! Finally they all take to the stage, Coverdale smiling from ear to ear, his arms outstretched, his stride to the mic stand both meaningful and purposeful.

With the backdrop that of The Year of The Snake, it's a large set that they try to fill. This is the Year of The Snake tour. I remember you all when you were younger," he laughs, turning to look at his own band members too. It's at this point he takes a sip of something handed to him from the front row, shrugs thereafter, pulls a few faces of dislike, and goes back to his own drink to wash the taste away! See if you remember this one," he adds as the band launch into 'Gambler.

With three guitars crankin' the sound levels to a point where I was wishing I had ear plugs, Coverdale asks us to "Make some noise" before introducing solo guitar work from both Aldrich and then Beach. After introducing each member of the band one by one, after a shirt change Coverdale then offers a shot of whiskey around to the front row to each sip. Resting his vocals a bit more for the passive to begin with, at least love song 'Forevermore,' he dedicates it to all the fans that have followed the band for the past 35 years. Married to Jay-Z and a mother to boot re: Blue Ivy, a self-described "modern day feminist", Beyonce's songs are often characterized by themes of love, relationships and monogamy; as well as female sexuality and empowerment.

Well, that and the fact he got them all to spell out his name several times! But when she did take the stage, OMG - the noise levels nearly blew the roof off the building! In front of a sold-out 12, strong audience of her devoted fans, those enduring comparisons to entertainers such as Tina Turner, Prince and Michael Jackson ensured some highly dynamic, incredibly choreographed performances come to the fore.

As most artists seem to do now, she first gave us a quick video screen message where she informed us that she would have us all at "Hello! To name each and every one of the 22 songs performed on this wonderful Mrs. Carter Show would be a task, so allow me to just throw some highlights and snippets at you here. The only true stand-out solo singer from the Destiny's Child bandwagon, her set of songs - noticeably drawn primarily from both I Am And, of course, around ten costume changes!

And yes, there was some OTT sexuality on display. A pioneer of the American thrash metal movement, Megadeth rose to international fame in the s and is ranked as one of the "Big Four of Thrash" along with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax, who were responsible for creating, developing and popularizing the thrash metal sub-genre. Performing here tonight as the headliners on their very own Gigantour date, the sporadically organized traveling heavy metal music festival brought forth Black Label Society, Device, Hellyeah, Newsted and Death Division before Megadeth took to the stage. Side stage, just his guitar neck showing, gently swaying, he suddenly marches out.

Playing in full stride, his strawberry blonde hair flowing and covering most all his face he heads to the mic stand. Kicking off with one of their biggest hits 'Trust,' without breath they plough on through 'Hangar 18,' 'Kingmaker,' and then both 'She-Wolf' and a song that gets a rousing welcome, 'Countdown to Extinction. And that's something that I noticed all too often last night the fact that he doesn't shout when he sings. Far from it, he barely opens his mouth.

I never knew that before.

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Known for its distinctive, technical instrumental style that often features dense, intricate passages and trade-off guitar solos, Megadeth never take any musical prisoners and plow on with 'Whose Life Is It Anyways? Ellefson's bass provided another standout moment as the band wrapped up 'Symphony of Destruction' and Ellefson then again launched into the iconic opening bass line of 'Peace Sells' to close out the main set.

Coming back on to perform the stoic 'Holy Wars The Punishment Due,' the band then came front stage, took a group bow, waved, drum sticks were thrown, and that was that for the wet and humid MI night. Playing a venue that had been closed since the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre is a beautiful outdoor arena to see concerts at, no doubt. Being that this was the Sports 30th Anniversary Tour, the band came on and broke into the album, both sides, all tracks one after another.

That was side one, the video side if you will and now we're gonna turn the record over and rock a little harder on side 2. This song was written and performed for the Vietnam Vets, but tonight we're playing it for all the Veterans everywhere. That song bleeds seamlessly into another great lesser-played song, 'Finally Found A Home,' which the audience sit back down to due to just that.

The mega hit 'If This Is It' is next and has them back up again, and an older couple at the front begin slow dancing together. Well, this song we're gonna do right now is not 30 years old, but 30 days old. This is a brand new song for you Harpo's people," he laughs, referring to the bands first Michigan gig venue back some near years ago. The new track 'While We're Young' is then performed and I have to say it was delightful!

Really nice melody, great harmonies on the chorus, and just the perfect little summer song to put on whilst lazing on a boat. We're gonna go back to the very beginning. This was the first song we ever wrote together," he announces, before they launch into 'Trouble In Paradise. Coming back on for the encore, Huey stands stage front, arms outstretched, lapping in the high octane applause being bellowed at him.

A sly smile on his face, a small towel dangling from his left hand, he brings the mic to his mouth: We obviously love what we do, but couldn't do it without all of you. And who knew all those years ago when we wrote it we'd have to play it every single night thereafter!

Do you know what That's nearly an hour after my bedtime! After he has introduced the band, he brilliantly adds, "My name is Huey Lewis and once again, you just heard the News. And all we're left with is an hour and forty minutes worth of musical memories that will definitely last a lifetime.

To anyone who knows anything about rock music, the very name conjures up images of smashed guitars, epic rock operas, and eardrum-shattering power and volume. Decked out in a cool pair of sunglasses, he set right to work. As a longtime listener of his music, I was immediately struck by how much he sounded exactly as on the records--a fact I always find comforting at a first performance. After a few songs, Townshend took care to plug his forthcoming album, due for a UK release in July of this year. Here's hoping there's a US date coming soon.

A lighthearted exchange with an audience member about sexual innuendo after the song was over demonstrated Townshend's mastery of engaging the audience--another of my personsal favorite aspects of his performance as a whole. Lyric sheets were required for this one, and he made a great joke of having to kind of squint to see the words on the page, explaining that the Joe Cool shades from earlier were actually bifocals, but wouldn't stay on; so if we saw him wander away from the mic for a bit, that'd be why.

It's all in the facial expressions, I guess. The prize for Best Riff went to "Leaving This Town," which also received the biggest ovation thus far. Any fan of Simon's has to give him credit for being very frank and open about the inspirations behind his lyrics. Indeed, a string of songs including "Denial" offer a retrospect on a substance habit, one which he's proudly vanquished.

Carolina Arts

That having been said, we were all a little confused when the management brought him a beer in the middle of the set. He politely declined the offer, brandishing a water bottle. We laughed and applauded, and some lucky fan alas, not me got to slam a free beer. Two songs from Looking Out followed: The album's title track, and "Forever and a Day," which made brilliant use of a string guitar.

But I hold fast to my belief that the latter was lacking without the drums to provide a backing. We cheered and cheered as the good humor kept flowing, with Simon making a momentary disappearance by hiding behind a pillar, and then behind a curtain before emerging for what I'll consider his encore set. The club was literally so small that there was no backstage area.

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He then offered us something of a "self assessment," explaining that these intimate kinds of gigs were good, because it allows him to gauge what songs work the best, and so on. It was at this point--to raucous applause by we disciples smooshed at the foot of the stage--that he mentioned his recent involvement in The Who's North American tour, as well as gently plugging his upcoming stint as opener for Heart on their Canadian series of shows.

But the evening wouldn't be complete without one more song, so he busted out the string again, and gave us "I'm the Answer," which has become my go-to song whenever I need cheering up. Oddly enough, it's playing as I type this. Though the concert was over, he stayed and hung out with us, taking pictures and signing copies of his CD's. Prior to this, I'd seen Simon Townshend play live twice before, but never so close, and never his own material.

And to actually meet him? That made it even more special. On a personal note, he's the nicest guy--incredibly gracious, and he truly does value the support the listeners give him. And there was a lot of support there, that night, as something like twenty--perhaps more-- of his devoted fans from all across the Twitterverse gathered to hang out with each other, and take in the show. It was a very cool thing to be a part of.

I can't wait to see what Simon does next. Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll dig it. But I may be a little biased. For as far as Townshends go, Simon is hands-down my favorite. Lisa Ann Volpe www. With 16 dates confirmed, inclusive of a single Canadian show also, he is taking the time to test the water re: Greeted by a hearty round of applause, he nods his appreciation to them before launching into 'I See Hope In The Morning Light' from his Breathe album.

Wearing an all-black attire of suit, tshirt and shoes, Midge looks just like he did some twenty years ago. And aside from a "man flu" he's picked up that wrestles with his high notes, he is on fine form tonight. During some slight technical difficulties, Midge then reveals something: But when it's all fixed, he tells the crowd that "It's great to be back" , before bringing us the first Ultravox song of the night, a rip-roaring 'Love's Great Adventure.

Oh, and I might be losing my hair," he jokes, before explaining more about the next song, 'Fade To Grey. Never really sang it. So this is my version of it. Anyway, I wrote this a long time ago," he again laughs, "and when I did I convinced myself it was the best song that I'd ever done. And two years later it turned out to be the worst song I'd ever done! But then it featured on a watch commercial and became a success. But not here and not in the UK! I did ask someone where the Midge Ure wing was and he said this was the closest I was ever going to get to this building," he playfully laughs.

I honestly haven't played that in years, can you tell? I'm suffering right now though. I've got the Man Flu. So forgive me if you think there's yodeling in the middle of the songs! I heard this when I was doing a radio show back in the '70s. When I had a 1 record. One that I didn't really even play on! They didn't even want me to!

But, I heard this song and said that one day I would do my own version of it. So, here it is now. After a poignant, and heartfelt 'Dear God,' Midge thanks the crowd once again: And this is something we played on that tour. After thanking us all again, Midge's voice is noticeably getting hoarser, which he addresses: I should have been a Bee Gee," he laughs. Then, as he is slowly warming up into the beautiful Ultravox song 'Hymn,' some moron from the crowd slow-claps him! The man then shouts out that he sold his house to see the show tonight, to which Midge smiles, and a woman from the crowd comically adds the punch line of 'Welcome to Detroit!

Coming back out alone from behind the black backstage curtain, Midge reveals something else to us all: Not doing encores, but pretending to do encores! It's all bollocks and you know it! In reality, I'd meet you all at the door, shake your hand and say 'Hi, I'm Midge and I'm gonna be the one making all the noise tonight.

And I'm not gonna do an encore, but I'll sing all the songs I was going to sing. And so with that, he performs some solo guitar work, the band come back on stage, and they launch into a stirring 'Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. This is my band, Right The Stars.